QR Codes are popping up everywhere and just like emails etc they can be taking you to places you don’t want to go so in this video we look at how to discern and use best practises when scanning QR Codes.

You can see the password managers mentioned in this video here 👇

Lastpass: https://www.lastpass.com/
1Password: https://1password.com/

Bitwarden: https://bitwarden.com/

QR Code Scanners and Readers.

Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

It only does QR codes. There, I said it. This is not a multi-barcode reader. But I guess that’s fine since this article is all about QR code readers and scanners. So, what gives? Why is Kaspersky’s QR Scanner special? Let’s find out.

Once you open the app for the first time, you’ll notice that security is Kaspersky’s game.

This QR code scanner will protect you from rogue QR codes containing dangerous links that can lead you somewhere you don’t want to go and expose you to malware and phishing traps.

This is a very important aspect that most QR code readers tend to disregard. Kaspersky’s QR Scanner looks great. It stores your scanned QR codes, it comes with its own browser (no need to choose where to display the content), and, while it doesn’t come with an instant share option, you can copy the link of the QR code to share it later.

The QR code readability is not as fast as you might expect. Still, considering that the app analyzes the code in order to ensure that it is safe to access, the little extra time it takes to load the content is understandable.

If you are not in a hurry and want to avoid malware, then Kaspersky’s QR Scanner is what you want to use to scan QR codes with you mobile device.

Price: Free Available on: Android and iPhone Website: free.kaspersky.com

Welcome to our New Dynamic QR Codes Generator.

This white label application will enable you to create unlimited dynamic QR codes campaigns, and track them from your own server and website address.

The app supports campaigns for smartphone app downloads in app stores, and mobile websites .

Each campaign (One QR Code) on the program is tracked, and gives reports that include real time scans, unique scans, GPS Country location, device types, and type of media used. 

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