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QR Codes Australia has recently updated its dynamic QR Code generator to come in line with customer requests. In a few weeks we will also be adding NFC to the list. Hamilton Chan is CEO and founder of Paperlinks says “The QR code: A thing of beauty or an eyesore? The magical barcodes that can be scanned

Who Was Scanning QR Codes? These stats from QR Stuff – Get live stats Click Here On a world-wide basis the location of QR code scan events hasn’t really changed all that much for us over the past 12 months. USA, UK, Australia and Canada are still in the top 5 however Malaysia has now moved

Our QR Code Tracking System is available worldwide for tracking and analytical information of your QR Codes. You can also view from your Mobile Phone Track Your QR Codes Here We use a similar system to Google Analytics to track your qr codes giving you much broader analytics than most QR Code Tracking systems. How it works!

Lately, I can’t have a discussion about QR codes, without someone saying that they heard that they are on the way out.  I totally disagree, but it does seem that a lot of confusion exists in the QR code world right now. Since the state of a market is often reflected in the pulse of its

Create and Track QR Codes From Within Your WordPress Dashboard 1 Click Instant Install You can create an unlimited number of QR Codes in your WordPress Dashboard. Simply create the QR Code type: url, text, contact. email, phone or SMS. Enter the details and your QR Code is created immediately and automatically for you. Once you

QR Codes are a simple yet very effective way to engage your audience and measure the impact of your marketing assets and ROI. And with its explosive growth this past year, QR is showing no signs of slowing down. Read more at Scan Life Despite its massive growth, we’ve come across a new stat that

Developers for Apps that run on various operating systems can now use QR Codes for Apps! QR Codes for apps is a service providing a QR Code tracking service which enables App Developers to create a QR Code which will automatically pick up the Operating System of the phone and send them to the appropriate site to