As businesses start to use Free QR Codes more for their products and services we have started to see many QR Code providers using bad marketing strategies. Mainly this is with free static QR Codes.

They offer a free QR Code but the catch is they only offer it for a set period and then start charging. In this article I will show you how to choose the right generator and check if it is really free.

This is occuring with mainly overseas providers trying to get customers into their paid systems.

How to Tell If It Is Really Free?

Let me tell you straight off how to confirm your Free QR Codes.

When you make your Free QR Codes and you make your first scan to test then the URL it shows in the browser should be the one you entered. If it is not then its a good chance it is only free for a month or two then you have to pay or loose it.

Basically there are two types of QR Codes. A Static and a Dynamic.Either one when created will be locked in and cannot change however with the dynamic process a database url is embeded and the data base can be changed via software,

A Static QR Code is usually free and is a one time creation which cannot be changed. The QR Code when scanned will be the same as the one you entered.

A Dynamic QR Code is a paid subscription which allows you to change the destination URL at any time and also provides statistics. It embeds a database url allowing for the changes etc. It looks something like depending on the website it is created on.

Once either one is created you can download in a print file either svg or eps, a pdf and a digital file like png.

So this is a database dynamic QR Code and notic the URL


So This is a Static QR Code to the same webpage and notice the url. free qr codes

Why Use Free QR Codes Static Generator

If your printing your QR Code and not wanting to change the destination at any time then you can use a static QR Code.

Create your free Static QR Code here

Always try and get as short a URL as possible as the longer they are the more dense the QR Code. You can also use a statistical programme to see how many visits etc.

Free ones are espically usefull for long term projects where you do not need scanning information.

Why use Dynamic QR Codes.

Dynamic QR Codes are great if you want to track how many people are scanning your QR Code or need to change the destination.

Signuip here for our Dynamic QR Code Denerator

For example I use mine to send people to my website but when I dod training I change the link to a registration form, then during the training I change the link to the notes then after the training to some of the videos then back to the website,

Occasionally I may send people to my facebook, youtube or instagram page to generate some likes etc.

So there you have it and hope this helps you not getting ripped off with QR Codes.

If you need any help please feel free to contact us.


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