Marketing with QR Codes is a relatively new concept and not understood by many so in this post, I want to explain it all to you.

Table Of Contents – Marketing with QR Codes

  1. What are QR Codes
  2. QR Codes provide a contactless payment method
  3. QR Codes show your business is adaptable and tech-savvy.
  4. QR Codes provide additional digital information.
  5. QR Codes can increase your social media following.
  6. QR Codes are easy to track and edit in some cases.
  7. QR Codes are cost-effective.
  8. Conclusion

What are QR Codes

QR Codes are basically a graphical redirection service like bitly and other URL shorteners. They actually do not contain much information but redirect you to a website that has that information.

Some QR Codes can provide contact information, text etc however the majority link to something online.

Marketing with QR Codes is about using them to direct your customers and prospects to your online information easy and quickly without requiri ng them to type lengthy URLs.

Most of the new phones have a QR Code scanner attached to the camera so its a simple matter of point and go.

QR Codes provide a contactless payment method

Since Covid, everything has gone touchless and has been the theme for the last year. Customers are wary of exchanging cash and touching pin pads when paying by card, so QR code payments are a great touch-free solution that customers will feel safe using.

As an Australian business owner, all you have to do is set up a QR code that accepts payments. Print out the code and put it where payments usually take place, for instance around the till area. Your customers just need to use their smartphone to scan your code, then use the payment method you choose. One that is gaining support id Eftpos Australia.

This is also great for the Gig economy as it can travel with you to markets, conferences, and much more.

QR Codes show your business is adaptable and tech-savvy.

Marketing in today’s economy is as much about perception as it is the marketing of your products.

Marketing with QR Codes enables you to show you are a business that is up-to-date and moving with the times. It is also a great link between your offline and online marketing strategies.

Marketing with QR Codes also has the added advantage when using Dynamic QR Codes to adjust and measure various marketing strategies.

You can do this by changing the destination of your QR Code to check social media, advertising and many other metrics.

One week you may compare engagement with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Linkedin just by changing the QR Code destination and noticing the engagement.

QR Codes provide additional digital information

We have covered this a little bit already however QR Codes remove the necessity to type long or complex URLs which can then be wrong.

So for example to get someone to type out this URL that links to our Facebook page can be a chore for many. or simply scan the R Code.

Marketing with dynamic QR Codes

The additional benefit is it can expand your customer information for example if you sell physical products you can provide user manuals, customer care, and much more information by adding a QR Code to those products.

QR Codes can increase your social media following.

Part of marketing in today’s economy includes social media. Marketing with QR Codes should be part of this mix.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is marketing that targets social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok for brand promotion, target audience growth, driving website traffic, and increasing sales.

5 Tips to Successful Social Media Marketing
  • Create a Strategy. Each platform needs its strategy. …
  • Be Consistent. While posting consistency depends on the platform, posting content regularly is always a good rule of thumb to follow. …
  • Create Engaging & Interesting Content. …
  • Engagement. …
  • Track and Analyze Metrics.

social media marketing

QR Codes are easy to track and edit in some cases.

The real beauty of Marketing with QR Codes is that you can track them to see how your marketing strategies are working.

The beauty of QR codes is they provide you with instant data — you can get real-time statistics with most QR code tracking features. You can collect big-picture information, like how many people scanned your code, and more granular data, like date, time, and what device or operating system was used.  Unfortunately with current privacy laws location is limited.

And finally, you can ask your customers for certain information (like their email address or phone number) when scanning your QR code. Having this data at your fingertips will allow you to make live updates to improve your QR code’s success or target specific customers.

QR Codes are cost-effective.

There are two types of QR Codes. The first is static which is usually free and can be identified because when created they have the URL entered to create the QR Code. If not they are dynamic and will only be free for a short time then you get billed. Usually, you have to sign to create when this happens. Ours are free no catches.

The second dynamic. These embed a database URL which can then be changed and will not look like the URL entered until you visit the site. They are editable and trackable and have a subscription fee attached. Ours are all based in Australia and are in Australian Dollars. 



I hope I have shown you the effectiveness and usefulness of using QR Codes in your marketing campaigns. 

Marketing with QR Codes is not only a great way to attract and interact with customers and potential ones but also can be a bit of fun.

One thing I have left out is the ability to also decorate your QR Codes to match your business and also tell the scanner where you are taking them.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.


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