There are not many Australian QR Code generators  that are based in Australia. The majority are all based overseas however QR Codes Australia is a local product helping local Australian businesses develop static and dynamic QR Codes.

QR Codes today are a game-changing technique of combining the physical and digital business worlds. QR Code-based campaigns act as a gateway for directing traffic generated offline to gain online visibility. They provide an array of applications for increasing ROI to the business.

In basic terms most businesses use QR Codes as a redirection service. This can be to anything online form a website to Facebook or video. Just remember that the person scanning the QR Code will be on a phone or tablet so you need to make sure that the destination is adaptable to these types of devices.

For info sent to a website etc Dynamic QR Codes can provide a range of stats like how many scans, where scanned, what type of device etc. and also the destination can be changed as it is processed through a database.

There are also other services which cannot be tracked like business card which is called a vCard, locations, Zoom login, SMS etc.

How to user the different types of QR Codes

Here at QR Codes Australia we have been creating both static and dynamic QR Codes for Australian businesses for the past 10 years. There are a wide range of applications these businesses have used. They range from:

a. User manual for a wide range of products and services
b. Product information on wine bottles, oil companies, cosmetics and personal care products and so many more.
c. Real Estate agents linking to videos and home information
d. Retail products providing additional information.
e. Australian QR Codes are also used for Marketing and Advertising
f. Business Cards using the Vcard system.
g. Share a digital menu for your restaurant, food truck, or catering company.
g. Many More

Australian QR Codes can be used by big corporate companies right down to small home based businesses, online shops and a myriad of services.

Get Festive with Personalized Gift Messages and Wrapping Paper

You can’t help but admire the clever ways marketers have attracted holiday shoppers using QR codes. For example, JC Penney released “Santa Tags,” which would let the gift giver record a personalized message that would be played when the recipient scanned the QR code.

Australian QR Codes – Static

A static QR Code is usually free and is a once off QR Code. They are good if you have a site or information you don’t need to change. There are a lot of free generators around however they come and go and so will your QR Code. We have a static generator on this site which is based in Australia and you can use it by going to or click Generator up in the menu.

Australian QR Codes – Dynamic

A dynamic QR Code is the same however it is processed through a database and so can provide stats re scans etc. More importantly the destination can be  changed. This is great if you want more security, change your marketing message or use various different media. Basically a dynamic QR Code can be recycled. Dynamic QR Codes also allow for bulk uploads.

They also provide data privacy which free QR Code generators do not.

Some examples of using Dynamic QR Codes would be coupons, Real Estate for different houses, special promotions, marketing, rolling over social media sites, special promotions and many more.

To purchase your Dynamic QR Code from Australian QR Codes visit our shop.



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