QR Codes are the new marketing tool for many businesses in Australia and worldwide because we have all been introduced to them due to Covid Pandemic.

I have been creating QR Codes for companies for nearly 10 years now however up to the end of 2019 most businesses and the general public only had a small understanding of what they are.

Main Use for QR Codes

A QR Codes is basically a redirection service for online content which allows you to enter your required URL. When scanned it will take the user to your website, YouTube or Facebook or many other online destinations.

If your destination does not change then you can use what we call static QR Codes. These are usually free and are a one time QR Code which cannot be edited or changed once created. The data is stored directly in the QR Code. You can make one of these at our Free QR Code Generator

Lots of our customers have opted for the Dynamic QR Codes because they have the advantage of providing a few statistics and the destination URL can be changed which is great for marketing. Its like they can be recycled.

A dynamic QR Code never stores the target data directly. It stores a short URL in a data base, that redirects the end-users to the target data.

Hence, a dynamic QR Code can be edited anytime you want. No need to create a new QR Code each time you want to change the encoded content.

A Few Ways to Use QR Codes for Your Business

You can put QR codes on just about anything. Once you generate your QR code you can simply download it as an image file in a few different formats. A print file like EPS or SVG, a PDF and usually a PNG for more online marketing.

Place it anywhere you place an image. In printed material to direct your reader to digital content, on products for additional information and so much more. Its a way of linking the physical world to the digital. Here are some uses.

Marketing QR Codes Direct Mail

A flyer, postcard, magazine and paper adds can boost local marketing campaigns. Use a QR code to take the recipient to the order section of your website. Bring your readers from print ads to your digital platforms.


Include a QR code in an infographic leading to a page to subscribe to your newsletter.

Map Directions

Put a QR code on a brochure leading to a Google Map with directions to your place of business. Great for retail marketing and also using digital business sites like Google business etc.

Contest Entry

Dynamic QR codes can be used to direct someone to enter a contest or giveaway. These will obviously change over time so a Dynamic QR Code is excellent as it can be used over and over again.

Receipts and Invoices.

Place a QR code on a receipt and make it one-step easy for a customer to be taken to a feedback survey. No manually typing in a URL.

Connect Salespeople Directly

You can connect salespeople directly for faster response with QR codes.


Add a QR code onto a mailer. Users capture a discount coupon number in one simple action, instead of manually typing all digits at checkout in an online purchase. You can create any number of coupons and with dynamic QR Codes change them any time.

Stop Updating Costs for Real-time Information

With dynamic codes, you can update real-time information without changing the codes you already have.

QR Codes for Memories

Recently we were asked to make a number of QR Codes for grave stones and and some funeral homes. They had made short videos for the loved one both humans and animals and then created the QR Code and laser printer on Aluminium for long lasting outside use.

The Sky’s the limit on what you can do.


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