We all have seen QR Codes at work in our communities however many do not know that you can get a lot more out of Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes in the hospitality sector.

Many hospitality venues are starting to using QR Codes for guest check in and room access however they can be used for much more.

Hospitality professionals have quickly identified QR codes as a cost-effective and reliable way to offer contact-free services and streamline workflows.

The opportunities Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes offer your business go way beyond simply using them for simple linking and are more of a marketing and advertising tool. If you’re new to the topic of QR codes for hospitality or want some inspiration on how to make the most of them, keep reading.

As a marketing tool, QR Codes are probably one of the most cost effective forms of advertising and marketing to come along in ages. With Covid 19 nearly everyone knows what they are and how to use them. Like everything marketing you need a good offer and enticing content.

How to use Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes – Dynamic

QR or “quick response” codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can be printed on any surface. They link to a website or application of your choice. Since they’re readable by most cameras, everyone who has a smartphone can use them to access information.

Apart from their versatility, QR codes have another big advantage: They’re very cost-effective. Many QR code generators allow you to create simple linking codes for free. But even branded codes or ones that come with advanced options, Dynamic QR Codes, likely won’t break the bank.

These are called Dynamic QR Codes and allow for full blown marketing campaigns over weeks , months and years.

Basically you create your initial QR Code with say a link to your website. A few weeks later you have a band playing in your venue so you change the link to that promotion without having to change the QR Code, Next month you have a special for your restaurant and then a couple of weeks later a wine tasting. All theses keep using the same QR Code which can now bve used on brochures, table coasters, in room promotions and gifts.

This should include relevant information like:

  • Event, activity and destination
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Cost/admission fee
  • Contact details for enquiries

Increase your conversions by enabling bookings (and payments) directly via your landing page. As a bonus, let guests add the event to their calendar and create a reminder.

Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes Digitalise menus – static QR Code

Disinfecting or discarding menus after every guest has become a must do because of COVID-19. Offer your menus in a digital format to save time, cost, and reduce waste. It’s also a safe and convenient alternative for your guests since they can access your menu on their device. All you need for this is a scannable QR code that links to your restaurant, bar, room service, or spa menu. You can update by using the same page address and just updating the menu.

This makes menu updates easier, too. Simply upload a new PDF or edit the linked mobile friendly webpage; the QR code stays the same. Take things a step further by enabling guests to order directly via your digital menu. It saves your team extra time and further reduces interactions.

Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes – It can be updated frequently

Dynamic QR codes can be edited and updated as much as needed so when you want to share new products, advertise upcoming events, change a schedule, and add more services to your company, you may edit the code as you wish while not having to reprint another physical code if it isn’t convenient for you.

Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes – Sharing attractions and locations

Having QR codes set up in your lobby to direct guests to the nearest attractions based on what they like, open activities, and dining experiences. QRs can direct customers to maps on their phones as well, reducing the number of printed maps and brochures that get thrown away.

The Marriott has put a virtual concierge in 500 of its lobbies with QR codes that show attractions in the area. They plan on having them in 800 locations soon. With these dynamic codes, it’s possible to change the information given about attractions at any time, as opposed to static codes which are not changeable.

This type of QR code allows the guest to keep the information in their phone and take it with them wherever they’re going on a trip. This is a convenient paperless option that is better for connecting to GPS straight from the phone so there is no mistake about the destination.

Guests can now find news, money, sports, restaurants, and other attractions using the GoBoard, which is a dashboard in their front lobbies, and downloading the information by QR code straight to their cell phones. Right now, about 60% of the hotel chain’s lobbies have GoBoards and they will exceed 800 lobbies (75%) very soon, in North America.

Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes – Give Away

Now you promotion items can provide your guests with events and information long after they leave your venue.

To make a giveaway profitable you have to keep a few things in mind:

  •  Define your goals so you can really understand how a giveaway can help. Do you want more email subscribers? Or is your goal to reward loyal customers? Either way, this will help you define how you measure your return of investment (ROI).
  •  Map out your target audience.
  •  Choose your giveaway product based on your target audience.
  •  Draft a plan in which you set the running time of your giveaway promotion, eligibility rules, how to participate, prize, and announcement.
  •  Track and measure your success so you can keep optimizing your giveaways.

Combining these steps with custom dynamic QR Codes can amplify your reach in social media, advertising, brochures, and all kinds of giveaways.

Dynamic Hospitality QR Codes Pricing

Once agencies talk about marketing and advertising many cringe as prices can be high but this will give you an idea of out Dynamic QR Code Pricing.


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