Decorate Your Custom QR Code with a design that creates interest and value to your marketing campaigns and can be done on both a Static and Dynamic QR Code. We do all our decoration separate to the program because once it is done it cant be changed and this is both in static and dynamic generator. The dynamic part is for the destination which can be changed once created.

Decorate Your Custom QR Code

This is your guide to Decorate Your Dynamic and Static Custom QR Code which will be both beautiful yet functional QR Code design.


A few things to take into account when you Decorate Your Custom QR Code

One – Make sure if your adding colour to make it high contrast so it scans well and always test.

So basically no light or washed out colours. Make sure your print copy is also printed in high contrast. When the background is darker than the QR Code’s foreground, it’s called an inverted Code.

These types of Codes typically have a dark background such as black, navy or dark grey. While a few scanners can read an inverted Code, some apps are not able to scan them.

Two – Another way to capture your customer’s attention is by placing an image into the centre of your QR Code. This could be a short phrase like “Scan Me!” or as simple as your business logo.

Choosing illustrations for your logo is ideal since more detailed images (ex: a company group photo) can come off distorted and blurry. Always use an image that is sharp and clear.

Your image should be placed in the centre of the Code to avoid obstructing any elements which are important for the Code’s readability. You want the image to enhance your Code, not eclipse it so customers can still scan the QR Code.

Three – Why would a customer scan your QR Code? Initiate by telling them what to expect when they scan.

You can either place the call to action in the centre of your QR Code as an image or around it if your Code already has a logo there.

When adding a logo you can actually make them quite big however make sure you test as just a little bit out can stop them from scanning.

Four – If you have room try and add what they will be directed to like pdf or website etc to build confidence. When you customize and resize your QR Code, aim to keep it a proportional square.

Creating distortions like angled slants, bevels or stretching the Code actually causes it to be unreadable.

This is exactly the case for QR Codes that are extravagantly reshaped, they are difficult to decode by almost any scanning app. Keeping an overall square shape will allow your customers to still be able to recognize and successfully scan your QR Code with the app they have already installed on their devices.

How to add these features to Your Custom QR Code!

To accomplish the above we use a free online graphic editor which is similar to a basic Photoshop. Below is a video of exactly how I use the software and you can use it for many other things too.

The reason we do this is you can come back and change it any number of times which allows for greater diversity and testing.

How To Decorate Your Dynamic QR Codes

Click for Dynamic QR Codes or Static QR Codes


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