Several businesses have found new ways to us QR Codes For Your Business and get customers to scan their QR Code and boost their brand awareness in the process.

How can you take advantage of this growing trend for your business here in Australia?

Direct potential clients to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or website.

You can do this with free QR Codes however by using a Dynamic QR Code you can alternate between all your different online content and then see which ones perform the best and use that to direct your marketing efforts. QR Codes For Your Business makes it easy then to get stats so you can do better marketing.

QR Codes For Your Business in a direct mail, your business card, online coupon or postcard to provide a discount.

Again you can use a free static QR Code however using Dynamic QR Code allow a lot more flexibility and means your QR Code never runs out. There is a function of dynamic QR Codes that allow you to run a promotion for a period and then automatically revert back to your desired destination.

Give your Facebook promotions an extra buzz.

Directing people to your Facebook posts and promotions can greatly improve your business. Placing them on products, promotions, invoices etc can generate a lot of new traffic and sales.

Share a digital menu for your restaurant, food truck, or catering company.

With the Pandemic we have see a lot of industries introduce new ways of interacting with customers to reduce contact and provide a better service. Mostly these will be linked to a website and that website can be changed so a Static QR Code is a better fit for this style of QR Code

Direct users to download your app.

This is a function of mainly a Dynamic QR Code and enables you to direct people to your app mainly on IOS and Android devices automatically. Its a different way to promote your app and all you do is add the URL to your app in each field and when scanned it will pick the right one for the device.

QR Codes For Your Business in Australia

Provide information that won’t fit in a print ad or product.

It is important you link your products to your online platforms with QR Codes to strengthen consumer loyalty and trust. In an oversaturated market, it is vital you stand out and build a community around your products and services to ensure sales. Customers are more likely to buy and recommend a product if they are more engaged with your company.

Deliver step-by-step instructional videos and worksheets.

We provide a range of teaching and information to our clients using QR Codes. This can be a direction to a YouTube private channel or a private website. There are so many possibilities.

Use QR Codes For Your Business to register for conferences

Lots of us put on various online and offline programs for our customers or potential customers and managing them can become a bit of a night mare. Using a simple QR Code allows us to link to registration forms online. During the event we can provide other content and then after the event provide videos and downloads all off the one QR Code using dynamic ones.

Use the QR Code to link to specialised information.

Some of our customers produce specialised equipment and machinery and quite often have to provide manuals or spec sheets. By adding a QR Code to these types of products allows their users to access this info online which also allows them to search which is not possible with paper documents.

Link them to a special “exclusive” YouTube video.

The beauty of the current Internet is that most of the main products and services are available on your phone and tablets. This has made the use of QR Codes For Your Business a simple and seamless proposition.

Deliver AR content.

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory. Wikipedia

QR Codes For Your Business is a simple way to get more interest and community involvement for your products and services. Have a look at a few of these sites. Plattar  Nike

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Extend your sales reach by bringing immersive product experiences to your customers. Embed interaction features and let users explore your products or spaces in cutting-edge Augmented Reality.

  • Engaging Product Visualisations
  • Create stunning virtual spaces to explore
  • Build immersive walk-throughs

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