If you make any sort of audio the QR Code MP3 audios can be a great help in marketing and adding a whole new dimension to your audio files.

You can also use tracking to see how many people are using your QR Code MP3 Audios.

You can use your QR Code MP3 audios as a direct link or link to an audio on a page. The one in the image above uses your default music player to play the audio.

How to create your own QR Code Mp3 Audios is pretty simple.

  1. Create Your Audio
  2. Convert to an Mp3 so all devices can read
  3. Upload your MP3 to a website or storage
  4. Choose the appropriate QR Code
  5. Add your audio link to the QR Code
  6. Download your QR Code and decorate
  7. Add your QR Code to books, albums etc
  8. Check statistics to see if successful

Create Your Audio

Most people reading this post probably have their own system however if your a beginner here is what I use.

I like to use Audacity as it is free and will create the MP3 directly for you. It can be a simple or as complicated as you want and has some great features for editing and adding different features. You can use it on both windows and IOS plus has a lot of documentation and help files.

Kevin mentions links to all the different parts of the video so you can access through the video or here is the link.

Convert to an Mp3 so all devices can read

As I said if you use Audacity you can save or export your audio to a MP3. You may receive a file from a client that is in one of the many formats and again you can open in the Audacity software, open the audio file and then save as an MP3.

MP3 and M4A are two audio file formats that offer exceptional sound quality. While M4A offers better compression and sound quality, MP3 has the advantage of being the most compatible format with a wide range of devices.

Upload your MP3 to a website or storage

Depending on how many visitors you expect you can load them on your website or service like Amazon S3 or P Cloud or one of the many other services. Even a podcasting platform will do the job. There are some good free ones and lots of great cheap ones.

Here is a list of streaming programs that will enable you to stream your audio files. Also do a search and you can find plenty more. I use “file sharing programs for streaming mp3 audio”

Me personally I use Amazon S3 which is a paid service but you only pay for the usage not a set fee. It is probably the cheapest file hosting around.

Choose the appropriate QR Code

A  QR Code stands for “Quick Response”. We are a local business based in Brisbane using Australian servers to deliver Static and Dynamic QR Codes.

They come in two types.

1. Free Static QR Code Generator which are free and non editable.

2. Dynamic QR Codes which the destination is editable and trackable and have a fee for the database.

Add your audio link to the QR Code

To create your QR Code MP3 Audios in either static or dynamic requires a generator. We have two generators as listed above, and it requires you to add the URL to your audio files and then simply generate and download.

Here is the one I have created to show how it works.

QR Code MP3 audios

Download your QR Code and decorate

Once you create your QR Code MP3 Audios you can download in a number of formats. Download the QR Code in PDF, PNG, SVG or EPS. The first two are for digital marketing and the second two files are for printing. Once downloaded you can then decorate with colours and and logos etc. We use photoshop to achieve this however we also use a free online program called https://www.photopea.com.

Remember to test and adjust so you know they work.

Add your QR Code to books, albums etc

Now you have your QR Code MP3 Audios you can use it for a myriad of marketing and customer interaction. For example if you create audio books, podcasts, training then an easy way to get your customers to the audio files can be by using the QR Code.

Put it in your book, magazines and any where people will be encouraged to scan the file. An QR Code offering specials, bonuses etc will always do better than just a QR Code placed anywhere without a strategy.

Check statistics to see if successful

Once its out there get ways to track what’s happening. Using our dynamic QR Code system will provide basic stats etc so you can see its effectiveness.

tracking QR Code MP3 Audios

To Order your Dynamic QR Codes, request more information or watch videos on how it all works go to


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