QR Code Video tutorials for your business as we want to help you get the very best from your QR Codes from generation to stats to decorating and more.

To achieve this we create QR Code video tutorials so you can get acquainted with QR Codes and their various attributes  before you decide on which type you want to use.

Dynamic QR Code Video Tutorials

A dynamic QR Code provides some basic Stats and if you use a url to create the QR Code you can change this without changing the QR Code. This is done because we add a database URL in the QR Code. All other information is static and any changes renew the QR Code

How To Create Dynamic QR Codes
How to decorate Dynamic and Static QR Codes
Different uses for QR Codes
Analytics for Dynamic QR Codes
How to manage your Subscription For your Dynamic QR Codes
How to use the Extras in Dynamic QR Codes

Static QR Code Generator

A static QR Code is a one time creation event and once created cannot be changed and provide any stats etc. Once created they are that way forever.

The soaring popularity of QR Codes

According to Bitly, there has been a 750% rise in QR Code downloads since the beginning of the Pandemic worldwide and especially here in Australia.

The pandemic has exposed most of the population and widespread use of QR codes, but the hospitality industry experts say that the technology will stick around long after the health crisis ends.

It has not just been the pandemic seeing the use of QR Codes rise.

  1. The internet penetration has increased a great deal over the last decade. We use QR Code Video tutorials to help you navigate the process of creation.
  2. Most smartphone companies have added QR Code scanning features to their native camera applications. This rules out the need for people to install apps to scan a QR Code.
  3. Because the contactless nature of QR Codes with ease of scanning and internet access, they’ve become immensely popular.
  4. Businesses today are looking forward to implementing advanced technologies to engage their audiences. What can be better than QR Code technology to do just that?

The best part is—QR Codes can be used in every industry for different use cases. From sharing website links and text to multimedia, they can do it all.

2 Styles of QR Codes

With two major types of QR Codes available most people and businesses can use one for their purpose.

Remember once a QR Code is created you cannot change it. With Dynamic QR Codes we overcome this by embedding a data base URL so you can change the destination via a database. We let you do this through an online system. You can also then get some basic stats.

A Static QR Code is a code you can use to provide information that you do not want to change and you are willing to use other analytics programs to get this type of information. We also provide QR Code Video tutorial for static QR Codes

Available Static QR Code types:

  • Link
  • Text
  • E-mail
  • Location (with GoogleMaps)
  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • WI-Fi access
  • V-Card
  • Events
  • PayPal checkout
  • BitCoin transaction

A Dynamic QR Code using only URLs are simply QR Codes that can change the destination without changing the QR Code design. You can only do this with a url because instead of putting the information inside the QR Code we put a database URL which links to the destination so in the software you can change the destination.

Available Dynamic QR Code types:

  • URL

Sorry but that’s it because it allows you to recycle that QR Code many times. One month you can link to a YouTube page and then a week later a contact page, then registration for a conference next month then to the videos of the conference etc.

The thing is that using Dynamic QR Codes in your business is a great way to see how your marketing is working and if its not then you can change it up while still keeping your original QR Code.

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