How to Use Website QR Codes for All the Different Websites


Introduction to Website QR Codes

Ever scanned a mysterious-looking square on a poster using your phone and been taken straight to a website? That’s the magic of QR codes!

Many things today are accessed through a website. Seventy-one percent of businesses now have a website in 2023. This is an increase from previous years, and can largely be attributed to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to recent statistics, 28% of all business activity is now conducted online.

In Q2 2022, 58.99% of all web traffic was accessed through mobile phones.

What are Website QR Codes?

At its core, a QR (Quick Response) Code is a two-dimensional barcode. It’s a scannable image that can redirect you to a website, app, or any digital destination. Think of it as a bridge between the physical and digital world.

In basic terms it is a redirection service in most cases allowing you to access websites and other information with the scan of your phone. You can link to anything online content through website qr codes, from videos to training and buying goods and services to directions and so much more.

Evolution of Website QR Codes

Over the past decade, QR codes have evolved from a novelty to a staple in marketing. Businesses realized the convenience of providing users with a quick and direct way to access content, all with a simple scan.

The pandemic saw their metoric rise. People leaned into the convenience and safety that QR codes brought. They made looking at menus, product information and getting coupons a lot easier — all without touching anything that could be contaminated.

Here at Qr Codes we had a few dozen clients in 2019 and thanks to the pandemic that has now grown eponetially.

Benefits of Using QR Codes on Websites

Website QR codes aren’t just a trend; they’re here to stay. And for a good reason!

Mobile Bookmarking shows that QR codes can establish a bookmark on your client’s smartphone, ensuring quick access to your website, which is often more readily available than other devices.

By using dynamic QR Codes you can also generate statistics and see trends, usage etc. You can change destinations, decorate them, use on a variety of media and materials as we will see in the following text.

website qr codes

Website QR Codes Easy Sharing

Handing out business cards? Put a QR code on it.

Want to share your blog post? QR code it! It simplifies the sharing process without the need for typing out long URLs.

Because it is usually downloaded as a PNG or PDF ypou can easily add it to any format you want. In most cases you can also download a print file such as SVG or EPS allowing for high quality printing and also resizing.

Tracking and Analytics for Website QR Codes

Website QR codes come with an added bonus for marketers – they can be tracked. You can gauge the success of your campaigns based on how often your codes are scanned.

Qr Codes Australia provides basic tracking and analytics however by adding a Google UTM to your URL you can get a wide range of additional analytics for your website.

A UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) code is a snippet of text added to the end of a URL to track the metrics and performance of a specific digital marketing campaign. UTM codes can contain up to five parameters: Campaign, source, medium, content, and term.

Website QR Codes User Engagement

Having a QR code instantly adds an interactive element. It’s not just a passive ad anymore; it’s a call-to-action, beckoning the user to discover more.

Website QR Code Engagement

This provides a conduit between the physical and digital. It invites the user to experience more than just a name or logo on a product or service.

How to Generate a QR Code for Your Website

Don’t worry; it sounds more technical than it is.

There are Two Types of QR Codes There are basically two types of QR Codes. They are Static QR Codes and Dynamic QR Codes.

Static QR Codes

A static QR Code is one that is produced via a program and the destination is not able to be edited or changed after creation. It provides no stats and is usually free to create. We have a free generator on our site here. These are fine if all you want is to send people to the same place forever because once created it cannot be changed. Good for business information etc. Download in PDF,PNG,SVG.

Dynamic QR Codes

A dynamic QR Code is built via a database which means the destination can be changed at any time and it can also provide statistics. You can download in PDF,PNG,SVG,EPS. To order your Dynamic QR Code go to our Dynamic QR Codes Generator 

Customizing Your Website QR Codes

Did you know? Your QR code doesn’t have to be black and white! Customize it to align with your brand colors and even incorporate your logo.

Be careful with this and be sure to use a high contrast colours so it scans well.

Different Ways to Use Website QR Codes

Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

In Promotions and Ads

Imagine a billboard with your Website QR Codes. A passerby scans it and is instantly taken to your latest collection or a limited-time offer. The possibilities are endless!

In Print Material

Business cards, flyers, or even books can house a QR code, directing users to supplementary digital content.

On Social Media

Encourage your followers to scan a QR code to avail special deals or to visit a landing page.

As a Digital Business Card

Remember the times when people would type out a URL from a business card? Save them the effort with a QR code!

Scanning QR Codes: Tips for Users

For those on the other end of the QR code…

Using Smartphone Cameras

Most modern smartphones automatically detect QR codes with their default camera app. Just point and scan!

QR Code Reader Apps

For an enhanced experience, or if your phone’s camera doesn’t auto-detect, plenty of free QR code reader apps are available on app stores.


The blend of convenience and innovation makes Website QR Codes a potent tool for bridging the digital and physical worlds. Whether you’re a business owner or a curious user, the realm of QR Codes has something for everyone.



  1. Do QR Codes expire?
    • No, QR codes don’t expire. However, the URLs they redirect to might, so always ensure your linked content is active.
  2. Are QR Codes safe to scan?
    • Like anything online, be cautious. Only scan codes from trusted sources to avoid malicious sites.
  3. Can I change the content my QR Code links to after it’s created?
    • If you’ve opted for a dynamic QR Code, yes. Otherwise, static QR Codes cannot be changed once generated.
  4. Why isn’t my smartphone detecting the QR Code?
    • Ensure your camera lens is clean, and the QR Code is not too small or distorted. If problems persist, try a QR Code reader app.
  5. How can I make my QR Code more attractive to users?
    • Personalize it! Add colors, logos, and ensure it’s placed in a contextually relevant setting

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