If you are just starting to think about using QR Codes for a project in your business or organisation there are some simple techniques that will help you get the best response from your QR Codes. Our 10 Unique Uses for QR Codes article is just the beginning as we have a number of posts on this site you can search and learn more from.

Remember that when someone scans your QR Code they should go to a mobile-friendly website.

Table Of Contents for 10 Unique Uses for QR Codes

  1. What is a QR Code?
  2. How to set up a social media QR Code
  3. How to set up eLearning with a QR Code
  4. Product QR Codes
  5. QR Codes For Authors
  6. QR Codes for wedding invitations
  7. QR Code inventory management & Training
  8. QR Codes in and around the classroom
  9. QR Code surveys
  10. QR Codes for Audio
  11. QR Code for Artists
  12. 10 Unique Uses for QR Codes Coclusion

What is a QR Code?

Let’s remove the elephant in the room. A QR Code is a graphic that is produced by an online generator. When you scan the QR Code graphic you are redirected to information like a website, a text message, etc. It is usually something online.

The information itself is not contained in the QR Code just the link in most cases.

So basically it is similar to other services like URL shorteners etc but in a graphical format. This means the user does not need to type anything in to get to your message.

There are two types of QR codes which are Static and Dynamic.

A Static QR Code is a one-time creation that will add a wide range of information to the code which once added cannot be changed. This can range from a website URL to text messages, payments, etc most of which are online.

A Dynamic QR Code embeds a database URL into the QR Code which is also done with an online generator. Again the URL cannot be changed however the database can which allows you to use the same QR Code in many different scenarios. When scanned you can send people to your main website and then change it so the next time it’s scanned they go to Facebook, then later change it to go to a video demo, etc.

Because of this system, you can also get statistics, etc from your QR Code. For more go to our Home Page

How to set up a social media QR Code

Now that we understand how they are created we can use this information to create even better marketing strategies.

These strategies will mainly rely on creating mobile optimised landing pages. This means you can add all your different social media links to one page and then link your QR Code to that page allowing them to choose their social media preference.

10 Unique Uses for QR Codes socail media landing pages

A QR Code for Social Media redirects to a web page that links and connects all your social media channels and digital resources when scanned using smartphone devices.

This will make it easier for your followers to subscribe to and like you on all of your social media platforms.

Using this tech tool, you can definitely grow your followers organically by adding these QR codes to your offline and online channels!

How to set up eLearning with a QR Code

What is eLearning? eLearning can be defined as learning facilitated by technology – for its design, development, delivery, administration, and evaluation. And its self-paced, anytime, anywhere accessibility is fast making it the most preferred mode of training.

eLearning can cover a multitude of experiences from formal learning to how to use a product and services. It will usually incorporate the different forms of media that can be used on a website like video, audio, images, and text.

Again you need to link it to a mobile-friendly website.

QR Code elearning

Product QR Codes

I have been looking at a lot of these in the supermarkets and many of the products have missed a great opportunity of using QR Codes on products.

Qr Codes on products allow you to preset your story and additional information that you simply don’t have room on your packaging to present.

This applies to all kinds of different products. Machinery can point to user manuals, ingredients can point to nutritional information and recipes, and white goods can point to maintenance and usage plus you can also provide a story of where your product comes from and much more.

These all build customer loyalty and take your product above everyone else.

QR Codes For Authors

Obviously, books cover many different genres and so the QR Code can be used for many different aspects by the author.

It can give a link to your other books and a bio in the form of video or audio and text. It could be used to provide a trailer to the book by adding it to the front page. They can be used throughout the book for additional information or garner reviews and comments. Create forms so readers can get together to discuss.

Self-help books typically have self-assessment exercises and reference charts. For example—

20 questions to check your emotional quotient

Take this test to know what type of personality you are

Instead of making readers use pen and paper, let them use their smartphones. Add a QR Code that leads them to an online form. They enter the data and immediately get scores.

No need for them to calculate scores manually. And even you get the data to refine your research (with their permission of course).

QR Codes for wedding invitations

I have never thought of this till recently when we got a few requests at once. The project was to have an rsvp, a map of the wedding and reception with a blurb on each, and a gift register.

It was very similar to the social media projects so I suggested making a simple website using one of the many free sites and on the front page put a link to each of the options etc then create simple pages for each. Most of these free sites have templates already and drag-and-drop editing.

They are also mobile friendly already. Wix lets you design and creates for free and you can see their templates here. You can change the pictures etc.

qr codes for weddings

QR Code inventory management

There are some great programs around that allow you to do business asset management using bar codes or QR Codes.

We use QR Codes in our office as we do not have a lot of assets and we link it to a google sheets page and add the asset and any other relevant information such as user, additional programs or training, etc.

By using google sheets you can add all the information and than just link to it. If you want a separate page for each item then use Google docs. You can also add training videos for the systems used for that asset.

QR codes, in essence, identify assets and make it easy for asset managers to track them. They also make quick work of restocking spare parts. Plus, they can help to simplify inventory management.

The versatility of QR codes means they can be utilised for a number of different tasks such as instructional guides, magazine advertising, and nutritional information on food packaging. But, more importantly, they’re an essential asset tagging option for businesses wanting to improve their asset management.

QR Codes in and around the classroom

You may have already seen QR Codes in the classroom linking to all sorts of media etc.

Recently we were asked to create QR Codes for the actual entrance to the classroom as the school had a lot of paper all over the doors and in the classroom.

The QR Codes simply linked to a simple website for each room which showed the layout, Timetable, etc so anyone could scan the code. Cleaners could link to the roster and work site via a secure portal that was password protected.

There can also be a calendar and generic information pertaining to the school’s activities. These can all be easily changed sitewide.

QR Code surveys

You can use a QR code to survey the overall satisfaction experience of your clients towards your service. You can link a QR code to 5 questions that they have to answer when they scan the code. Offer an incentive for good marketing.

This way, you will be able to know your customers’ ratings and what improvement you should do next!

By simply using something like Google forms and then linking a QR Code to the form you can have a Survey Form up and running in just a few minutes for free.

The 9 best online form builder apps

  • Google Forms for quickly creating powerful forms for free
  • Microsoft Forms for collecting and analysing form results in Excel
  • Typeform for conversational data collection
  • Wufoo for quickly creating graphical reports without spreadsheets
  • JotForm for creating templated forms
  • Formstack for regulated businesses
  • Paperform for creating forms that look like landing pages
  • Formsite for protecting sensitive data
  • Formbakery for hosting forms on your own server

You can also purchase a complete system by using Swipeon

QR Codes for Audio

If you make any sort of audio/podcast the QR Code MP3 audios can be a great help in marketing and adding a whole new dimension to your audio files.

You can also use tracking to see how many people are using your QR Code MP3 Audios.

You can use your QR Code MP3 audios as a direct link or link to the audio on a page. The one in the image above uses your default music player to play the audio.

Most people reading this post probably have their own system however if you are a beginner here is what I use.

I like to use Audacity as it is free and will create the MP3 directly for you. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want and has some great features for editing and adding different features. You can use it on both windows and IOS plus has a lot of documentation and help files.

Kevin mentions links to all the different parts of the video so you can access them through the video or here is the link.

QR Code MP3 Audio

QR Code for Artists

When you send a viewer to an artwork through a QR code, they are able to send you a purchase request for that work. A QR code can speed up the art selling process and make sending a purchase request as easy as scanning the QR code to arrive at an artwork itself.

You can also add a QR Code to the description to see views of the artist’s painting or the story behind the painting or even an audio walk-through of the painting.

QR codes can be used anywhere from an upscale gallery opening to a corner bar with live music. Anyone with a smartphone can scan a QR code for any type of information shared in a number of venues and events.

10 Unique Uses for QR Codes Coclusion

Hope you enjoyed our article on 10 Unique Uses for QR Codes. Below are some links to other articles you may enjoy or feel free to contact us with any questions.


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