QR Codes for Training can come in many different forms from product training and information to machinery training and many more. QR Codes for Training can also be used in the education system, conferences for downloads etc. I am sure you can think of many more places that Codes for Training can be used.

And of course there are also multiple channels you can use QR Codes for Training such as YouTube, Facebook, Company website and a myriad of hosting and delivery sites.

We foresee more creative uses of QR Codes in learning programs (e-learning and m-learning). The possibilities are limited to our imaginations only. More authoring programs will include support for this feature. Some already have it incorporated in the program.

QR Codes are helpful to push information to learners in an interesting way by making them part of the (pulling) process. You can make your users scan the code using their smartphones and then direct them to a specific piece of information.

How To Use QR Codes for Training?

  1. Select the type of QR Code either Static or Dynamic
  2. Choose your format either Document, Audio, Video or all three.
  3. Develop your training resources
  4. Choose a suitable location for your storage
  5. Link your training materials to the QR Code and test
  6. Download your QR Codes for digital or print marketing PNG,PDF. SVG, EPS
  7. Distribute your QR Code material
  8. Dynamic QR Codes can be recycled.

Why QR Codes for Training?

As life has continually become more mobile the ability to provide training information on mobile devices is increasing every day. QR Codes provide a great way to move from a physical place to a digital place in one simple scan.

It is important to make the training mobile friendly and this can be done easily using responsive webpages, PDF documents edited for mobiles and the many online platforms like YouTube etc.

How to Create QR Codes for Training

Select the type of QR Code either Static or Dynamic

There are basically two types of QR Codes for Training. A static QR Code which is non editable which means you cant change the destination. A dynamic QR Code which does enable you to change the URL and direct to another destination. With Dynamic QR Codes you also get some stats etc. On both you can use Goole UTMs if you run Google analytics.

Choose your format either Document, Audio, Video or all three.

I create quite a bit of training and use all three formats but not necessarily all together. For example at my Product Creation site where I teach Podcasting I use Video and Audio and text to teach people how to create a good Podcast. My book on retirement at https://secretstosuccessfulretirement.com/ is in a PDF for training elderly how to get the most from their retirement.

product Creation Page

Develop your training resources

Place QR Codes on e-learning course screens for viewing additional information (such as history, timeline, podcasts, webinars, detailed instructions) with rich media (that help enhance the information) for those who are interested. These, embedded in printed learning materials such as Student Guides and Job Aids, can serve as powerful tools for delivering additional information (with multi-media support) and can lead to interactive training material.

Choose a suitable location for your storage QR Codes for Training

Once you create your resources you can store them in any place you can get a URL. A private page on your websites, Amazon S3 or any CDN ( content delivery network ). Just upload and get the URL then create your QR Codes for Training.

Link your training materials to the QR Code and test

So creating the QR Code is easy. You go to either the static or dynamic QR Code generator and enter your URL and then create and save. The important thing especially with static codes is make sure you test scan the QR Code. Get some friends on different devices to test as well.

Download your QR Codes for digital or print marketing PNG,PDF. SVG, EPS

Once created you can download your QR Codes for Training in one or all the above formats. SVG and EPS are for printers and PNG and PDF are more for digital marketing.

Now you have downloaded you can also decorate and I suggest you use a program outside the generators so you can change it at any time as the internal designs will be locked in.

Distribute your QR Codes for Training material

Once all this is done you can now distribute your QR Codes for print material, product placement and so much more. Put QR codes on machine packaging’s and components to show videos and Quick Reference Guides that describe how to unpack and commission the machines for the end clients. Many now use them in schools and colleges for additions training.

QR Codes for Training Education

Dynamic QR Codes can be recycled

If you choose Dynamic QR Codes for Training then you can recycle them especially if your training has a set time period.

Tips and Reminders for QR Codes for Training

The main thing to remember is to test on your mobile devices. To achieve this you will need a responsive website. Many of the providers you will use do all this automatically.

The second thing is to make sure any QR Codes for Training point to a Secure site which will have a small lock next to the URL. Newer phones can only see these and especially Apple phones will not open a page without the lock.

QR Codes for Training Conclusion

So that’s it. Create your training, Store it on a website, Create your QR Code and then distribute.

QR Codes have been around for a while, and companies and education are using them for all kinds of training experiences and so much more potential of these little black squares.

QR Codes have immense potential to work for just-in-time learning situations by serving the role of an effective tool for accessing information on-the-spot. Integrating QR Codes into your learning programs can help ensure learner engagement and motivation.

In spite of new and emerging trends such as Augmented Reality and Near Field Communication (NFC), there is a bright future for QR Codes. These will remain as viable options since they are free to use, unlike the other options that, though more powerful, require expensive development.

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