QR Code News – Research study into falls invites participants

The study will be the first to track the environment where falls are happening using an online falls diary. Participants will be surveyed every three months over a year and have access to a QR code to record falls.

“We want to know a little bit more about the environment that they have fallen in, because that’s currently not being tracked at all,” he said. “When someone experiences a fall, they will scan the QR-code and be asked a series of questions such as where they had the fall and what they were doing at the time.”

QR Code News – Supporting a drivers return to the road.

The R Plate QR code connects drivers with links to local and national support services, making help available at any time as well as providing access to real stories and the science behind road trauma recovery. R Plates sees mycar Tyre & Auto continue to build on its People First brand platform.

QR Code News October – Empower staff efficiency with QR code ordering

Inevitably, every business will face staffing shortages. The good news is there’s technology to help. In fact, 97% of restaurateurs surveyed believe automation technology will help fill critical gaps in their business.

Technology can help you to:

  • Streamline your rosters and stay on top of last-minute changes
  • Empower staff efficiency with QR code ordering and tableside payments

“Leaning on technology in your restaurant takes courage,” acknowledges Michael Bascetta, CEO, Worksmith and Owner of Made Well Group. “We know that service is the number one priority, and adjusting your technology providers comes with a bit of risk in implementation, but the efficiency gains are huge.”

QR Code table ordering

Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal starts soon

Kmart Melton and The Salvation Army are coming together to support families doing it tough at Christmas through their Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.

People can donate in five ways; by placing a gift under a Wishing Tree in a Kmart store, by scanning a QR code to make an online contribution, making a donation at self serve checkout, giving spare change in a coin collection box at the registers, or online at kmart.com.au/kmartwishingtree.

The appeal began at the Kmart Adelaide store in 1987, and has raised more than 10 million gifts.

The appeal takes gifts donated at Kmart collection points, and the Salvation Army helps provide them to families in need at Christmas time.

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